Hi Everyone,

The gameplay mechanics have been at the forefront of the team’s minds throughout recent months. Trying to make the gameplay experience not only good, but enjoyable. Of course, that’s not all a game needs, you need the flashy graphics, the cool animation, the interesting aesthetics. Well this is where we see the amazing work of Leonard Menchari. As the game’s artist, Leonard takes on the task of making RIOT the graphically intriguing game it is. All the sprites, animations, UI and now, cutscenes are all painstakingly crafted with one expressed intention: To make you say “That looks nice” 😀

So without further ado, here’s a clip from part of one of the cutscenes. You’ll see these at the start of levels to set the stage and draw you into what’s happening in each scenario!

The next announcement should be a big one. We’re going to go into detail on how things work in the game starting with formations. We’ve touched on this previously but we’ll start to get into how the game works at a fundamental level.

As always, thanks for the support. It means so much to the team! We’re still on track for a release Early 2017!