Note: This post is taken from the Steam announcement posted 14 October 2016

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all your great comments in the last announcement. I can confirm we are still on track for Early 2017 release. I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated every couple weeks!

This week we’ve been making a lot of tweaks again to AI. We noticed that some characters in some units would just wander off or not pay attention. Clearly a bug! D:

So we’ve been testing thoroughly and stomping out bugs. It’s become a mammoth task, hunting these bugs in the now extremely complex AI these characters have. Think of them as semi-intelligent bees…with molotovs and guns…that need to work like a swarming hive. Each with collision, pathfinding AI, emotion AI, grouping AI etc etc. It gets pretty complex as I’m sure you can see….

Anyway! We’ve been testing police structure. Afterall, there has to be consequence to not controlling your units right? So what happens in RIOT – Civil Unrest if you are lazy with your units? Well….

Here’s a somewhat well-controlled structure

Here’s a poorly controlled structure! XD

So…yeah…unit control seems to be doing it’s job!

More updates soon, thanks again everyone for your continued support!