Note: This post is taken from the Steam announcement posted on 15 September.

Hi Everyone,

First of all. Apologies for the delays. You have all shown amazing patience with us on this project and we couldn’t appreciate it more. Thank you all for your continued support.

We hear you loud and clear on the community hub. We see what you’re saying and we understand the frustration.

Now, we know you are all tired of waiting and the updates have been few. We’re putting our cards on the table here. It’s been challenging.

However, there are silver linings! Development has reached a speed that has not been seen since the project began. In the last few weeks we have seen incredible progress and we must once again thank the backers and commenters who have continued to express support. It gives the team so much energy to see there are people still wanting to see the project come to life!

So let’s cut to the chase. Where’s the game? It’s been forever!
This presents a dilemma for us. We’ve tried to give dates in the past but unexpected things have arisen. We wish we had the ability to predict the future, it would make this so much easier! So when the date hits, and we push back, it’s a bad time for everyone. We feel bad, you guys get ready to literally Riot. It’s just not good for anyone.
On the other hand. If we say, it’ll be out “soon” or “in a few months” then it’s nebulous and entirely unhelpful too.
So we’ll try our best here. The current rate of development and the current schedule the team are working to suggest that the game will be ready for release by early 2017.

Thank you all for your patience.