This week, the team has been working on a bunch of things. There’s lots to discuss but we thought you all might like to see more game-focused content!
There is a tactical element to RIOT that you will need to use to your advantage to win in any scenario. You will need to act quickly as things can quickly escalate in a riot! So, how will you approach the crowds? Mishandling a situation can create havoc making things more difficult. Not being direct enough can cause complete loss of control!
Here’s the various manoeuvres you can perform in RIOT. How you react will directly impact difficulty!

Standard Square Formation
The general formation used by all units to gather together.

Sampled from ancient Roman tactics, the Testudo or “Tortoise formation” is a defensive manoeuvre using shields. The riot police raise their shields and create a defensive “shell” around them.

The police form an orderly line. Standing side-by-side, the single line is a good option for providing distributed force.

This manoeuvre is the most efficient way of piercing through a crowd.

The police spread out. This formation is best used in situations where a unit is confronting projectiles such as molotovs.

We’re still on track for Early 2017 release. We hope to give a firmer date at the start of the year, so keep watching for updates!