Note: This post is taken from the Steam announcement posted 25th October 2016

Hi Everyone,

During development we have always asked ourselves “How can you control a game based on uncontrollable events?” A riot is inherently chaotic but a game needs to be controllable.

For a long time, the police always had the power to move the crowds with their superior control. Police units of course having the advantage of training. So what can a protester do in the face of a uniform line of quickly moving police? Well, nothing originally! But! Now the protesters have a way to oppose this force. The focus right now is balancing this.

Let me introduce, barricades! Note, there are cooldowns on actions.

Here you see police running through the crowds like a snow plow, but see what happens when the barricade effect starts. When protesters raise their arms, it indicates peaceful resistance. Not very strong but slows down opposition:

Here you can see what happens when the rioters sit. The police are essentially unable to move them at all and have to move between them slowing them down a lot.

You will have seen lots of scrap wood etc, lying around in the screenshots. Here’s what the crowds can now do, they can create a physical barrier entirely stopping progress across it. Units must move around these.

…Well, the pile does contain wood….