Note: This post is taken from the Steam announcement posted 27 September 2016

Hi Everyone,

So we were recording some gameplay today during our internal tests (we sometimes do this if we’re bug hunting so we can pinpoint when it happens) and I just thought I’d share some moments with you guys.

Here’s what happens when you leave AI to get angry and mischievous! 😀

Fireworks and allies start flying! Look at that guy, and he just kept on running! 0_0

Not a single molotov or flare is spared. The police have nerves of steel in this one!

Of course, this is all AI so not fully representative of the game. Just something for you guys while the team is buried under mountains of code.

Thanks again everyone. We really appreciated the words of support on the previous announcement. It’s a huge boost to the team to see all of those comments! 😀