Note: This post is taken from the Steam announcement posted 4th November 2016

Hi Everyone,

These past few weeks, we’ve touched on AI, crowd control and various mechanics. There’s lots more to cover! This week though, the team’s been focusing on making single player an enjoyable experience. After working on AI and various other framework elements, you are forced to re-evaluate and ask the most important question – “Will people enjoy the game?”

With this goal in mind, the team has been working on tactics and overall movement. There’s a bunch of mechanics we can discuss later but RIOT faces a difficult task in employing real time strategy in a restricted area. So it’s important that both sides are able to quickly change events to gain the upper hand in a limited timeframe while still allowing the opposition the opportunity to defend or retaliate. It’s a balancing act but one the team is hard at work on!

The first step is giving each side strengths and tactical advantages that, when used correctly, give them the upper hand. So this week, we’ve been testing how the police gain that upper hand and their tactical advantage.

Take a look, the goal of this level is to clear the area of protesters.

It’s kickin’ off in London an’ the ol’ bill’s ‘avin’ none of it! ‘Ave a gander, that geezer’s gettin’ nicked! 😛

This shows how you can use the gas to disperse the crowd or in this case, provide coverage while you head in for arrests. Units at the top-left hold crowds back just out of frame while the police move in.

Thanks again for checking out the updates. We’re still on track for release Early 2017!